Burg Pfalzgrafenstein, Germany



This site is a labor of love and a non-commercial effort. Since April of 2012 I have been taking pictures of castles. In the beginning of castles in Germany and from 2013 onwards also of castles in several other European countries.

When possible I try to take some interior pictures as well, but in most cases this is not possible or simply forbidden. That's why I concentrate mainly on finding good spots from different angles, from where I can take the best possible pictures of the castles. Sometimes this means hiking for hours and climbing rocky hill paths, but it's all done for those ideal shots.

This is not my first website. In the past I was the webmaster of Skyscraper Pictures Collection (1999-2012), about skyscrapers from around

the world, and Burgendeutschland (2012-2018), about German castles. Because I had visited so many other castles, I decided to start a new website to share my collection of pictures, information and some videos with other castle minded souls around the world.


P.s All pictures on this site have my copyright. It's okay to download them for personal use, but it's forbidden to use them on other websites, without contacting me beforehand. Whether or not I grand permission depends on what you want to use them for.

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