Burg Hohlenfels


Where: Hahnstätten, Germany
Start construction: 14th century
Accessible: no, private property

Hidden in the forests of the Taunus lies this castle, which is privately owned and for that reason can only be admired from a distance. The castle stands on a limestone rock and was built there around 1350. The structure was meant to keep an eye on the trade routes between Aachen and Nuremberg. In the 30-Year War, the castle was destroyed. Between 1712 and 1716, the currently inhabited new section was built against the ruins of the old castle. The structure then had several owners and was used as a guesthouse from 1885 to 1955, among other times. Since 1978, it has passed into private ownership. The condition of the castle was poor at the time and in 1979 part of the wall and a tower of the ruin collapsed. Since then, several remediation works have been carried out, leading to a stabilisation of the ruin section.


Website: https://www.burg-hohlenfels.de/


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