2 July/27 August 2022:

In the past 7 months, I traveled a lot and  took photographs of some 125 castles (of new and already present ones)

in 13 countries. Among them four new ones:

Denmark, Hungary, Romania, and Portugal.

There will be updates (new and additions) of castles in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain sections.

Since I have a normal day job, it means that time is limited to update the website. I will do so step by step, with larger steps come winter time, when taking pictures of castles is limited. At the moment, I am sorting out a wealth of new pictures. Here are the first of the new updates and additions:

2 October 2022:

Addition of Füzér vára, Hungary

2 October 2022:

Update of the following existing castles:

Schloss Augustusburg, Germany (interior shots)

Schloss Bernburg, Germany (new exterior shots)

Schloss Burgau, Germany (new exterior shots)

Burg Drachenfels, Germany (new pictures)

Schloss Drachenburg (new pictures)



Cetatea Făgărașului
Schloss Horneck, Germany


Last Updated:
October 2, 2022