Castello di Avio
Castel Beseno
Churburg - Castel Coira
Castello di Cly
Castello di Fénis
Fürstenburg - Castello del Principe
Schloss Goldrain
Schloss Kastelbell - Castelbello
Schloss Lebenberg
Burg Lichtenberg - Castel Montechiaro
Castello Scaligero di Malcesine
Castello di Nomi
Castel Pietra
Schhloss Prösels
Burg Rafenstein
Burg Reichenberg
Schloss Ried - Castel Novale
Schloss Runkelstein
Rocco Sanvitale
Burg Rotund
Rocco Sforzesca di Soncino
Schloss Sigmundskron
Castello Scaligero di Sirmione
Burg Taufers
Schloss Tirol
Castello di Torrechiara
Burg Vorst
Castel Corno

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Until March 16, 2024, this website was hosted elsewhere.

I had to move it to a new website hosting company,

but that means that the website had to be built again from scratch.

I will do this step by step. Thanks for your patience.

In the near future, all castles will have a link to their individual webpage,

with more pictures.